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How Painting Your Exterior Protects Your Home

The main reason that homeowners decide to paint their exteriors is to make their homes more attractive. Exterior painting can significantly improve your home’s appearance, but that’s not all. With the right paints, techniques, and preparation, exterior painting can also provide your home with protection from weather and the elements.


At East Side Construction, we understand how important your home is to you and your family, so our Rhode Island painting contractors constantly strive to provide the highest quality painting services possible. When you hire us for any exterior painting services, whether residential or commercial, we’ll be able to ensure that you receive the highest quality paints possible. We’ll work with you to choose the colors, products, and materials that will be best for your home, and we’ll make sure that this project keeps your home both attractive and healthy.

Here are a few of the ways that exterior painting helps to protect your home:

Exterior Paint Provides Protection from Inclement Weather

Painting your home’s exterior walls, trim, and other surfaces will help to protect these parts of your home from ice and snow in Rhode Island. Moisture can enter through unsealed parts of your exterior walls, where it can cause mold growth and ruin insulation. Our exterior painters will be able to ensure that your walls are sealed and protected.

Professional Preparation Before Painting Protects Your Home

Preparing your home’s exterior before applying new paint might be more beneficial than the new coat of paint itself. We spend time before our exterior painting services to make repairs to the surface, scrape off any peeling pain, and seal and protect your home. We also offer pressure washing services, which can be very beneficial before adding a new coat of paint.

These preparation services don’t just help you guarantee that your new paint is as attractive and long-lasting as possible, but they also keep your Rhode Island home’s exterior healthy and in great condition.

Exterior Paint Keeps Out Termites

A fresh coat of paint will help you keep termites and other pests at bay. Termites can do a tremendous amount of damage to your home, and our painting services will go a long way toward making sure that your home is properly protected from them.

If you’re looking for exterior painting services in Rhode Island, call East Side Construction at 401-434-6600, or complete our online request form.


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